December 15, 2009

Productivity week: in bed

So, yes, I did make a very elaborate to-do list on Sunday night in a determined effort to-do many of a variety of check-off-able activities during the course of this week, but in a whirlwind Monday I checked off fourteen out of eighteen waiting for friends to come home from school and San Francisco, and waiting for friends to feel better (feel better, Rachel!) and psych themselves up for impending teeth removal on Thursday (you can do it, Ana!), and with one computer project and two Internet projects to complete for the list that was supposed to keep me out of bed I am back under flannel down comforters wrapped in Japanese fleece courtesy of my sneakiest friend and many other of one million showering and beautiful fourth night presents, scheming very many creative and wonderful things the least of which being actually standing on two feet in normal clothes anytime soon. Instead, I'm perusing the Netflix "Watch Instantly" television shows teasing myself with the possibility of starting a new series and never getting out of bed again, except to do a little laundry favor (done!) and raid the fridge deliciously stocked for my arrival (so I've eaten much more than leftover creme brulee, I promise you).

And now that I've made some rather embarrassing additions to the instant queue, have put the laundry in the dryer, more sugared mint tea in antique French glasses and a little nest for me, I am off to spend a blissfully unproductive day.

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  1. niceandtacky

    I couldn't help but read your comment on Style Rookie, about what you got from the Rodarte for Target line. Now, I am really interested in how different people that got the items from Target, are going to style it. So, I decided to do a post on them on my own blog. My idea is to get as many as possible pictures of outfits, and post them on my blog, or you could send me a link, of you wearing the outfit, and I'll post that on my blog, and I'll reference your blog as well. Does this sound cool? I'm really excited to do this. Could be a lot of fun!
    I hope to be hearing from you soon!