December 31, 2009

And we'll take a cup of kindness, yet

I can't believe I've reached the end of this weird, difficult, and most of all, quick 2009, and very uncertain not wanting to think too hard about "where I was last year" or "how far I've come" besides wanting so badly for this new year to feel the newest, the happiest, the most creative and the most warm of all for everyone I care about and please, for me. I feel hopeful.

December 28, 2009

December 27, 2009


This guy was just sitting right up real close next to my car in the Kinko's parking lot yesterday, and holding his ground (tree) when I so obviously and heinously threatened him by returning from my secret print, fold, staple mission and unlocking my car door. Lots of knuckle tapping, lots of little war noises on both sides.

Thirty hours later, twelve hours to boarding a plane to reunite with a more welcoming animal.

December 26, 2009

Rodarte for Target

Only chiming in six days after the release, but I'm sure that's a million years in fashion! Something new has probably come by now already. And despite my not having dabbled even a little bit into fashion bloggery (though nonetheless interested in fashion, blogging, and fashion bloggering), I was asked by Michele of Nice 'N Tacky to style the pieces I managed to grab from the new Go! International Target line, if only because my amazing mother shuttled me all around Yolo County to three stores to collect everything. (I also got two more pieces, but one is for more lazy dress-up days, and one is definitely for dressing down and highly inappropriate for Internet.) Scroll down to see her entry about the line, and the other bloggers who have contributed!

Now, with this entry, I add a new label of "fashion" to my blogging repertoire, which will probably be left almost entirely untouched because as much as I enjoy getting dressed every day, I know that it's not for the people around me, and certainly not for an entire blogosphere of unknowns (hi out there!). For now, I'll leave my fashion dabblings to the private sketches I scrawl in my notebooks and planners and random papers at work planning the next week of outfits, or just the ones I'll try when I'm in the apartment alone and I can prance the hallway back and forth like some inane runway that would even think to blast the Four Seasons.

Otherwise, my break and my life have been slow, punctuated with occasional projects and the ever-faithful-to to-do list, mostly checked off today except for "calyxes" (working on it), "pack" (practically done), and "blerg" (or, if you don't understand Alexandria plannerspeak, "blog," and check!). Happiest holidays to everyone, and hopefully a load off now that the most hectic is over. Maybe in between my Pentel RSVP BK90 fine tip ballpoint pen and the planner page that I'm about to very happily mark up, I'll scheme more posts. Because, geez, I've been eating so much good food and taking so many good pictures and having so many good pictures taken lately I can't just keep it to myself!

December 15, 2009

Productivity week: in bed

So, yes, I did make a very elaborate to-do list on Sunday night in a determined effort to-do many of a variety of check-off-able activities during the course of this week, but in a whirlwind Monday I checked off fourteen out of eighteen waiting for friends to come home from school and San Francisco, and waiting for friends to feel better (feel better, Rachel!) and psych themselves up for impending teeth removal on Thursday (you can do it, Ana!), and with one computer project and two Internet projects to complete for the list that was supposed to keep me out of bed I am back under flannel down comforters wrapped in Japanese fleece courtesy of my sneakiest friend and many other of one million showering and beautiful fourth night presents, scheming very many creative and wonderful things the least of which being actually standing on two feet in normal clothes anytime soon. Instead, I'm perusing the Netflix "Watch Instantly" television shows teasing myself with the possibility of starting a new series and never getting out of bed again, except to do a little laundry favor (done!) and raid the fridge deliciously stocked for my arrival (so I've eaten much more than leftover creme brulee, I promise you).

And now that I've made some rather embarrassing additions to the instant queue, have put the laundry in the dryer, more sugared mint tea in antique French glasses and a little nest for me, I am off to spend a blissfully unproductive day.

December 14, 2009

Winter breaked

I have been, admittedly, very lazy lost in recuperation efforts since end of finals Thursday, to sleepy and heavy and light and laughter and latke Friday, in bed all day Saturday not even unpacked just curled in long johns and bloomers all Sunday, but Sunday night's to-do list becomes Monday afternoon's to-dos now that I'm out of bed.

But first, last night's leftover creme brulee breakfast.

December 08, 2009

Going under

Today, diving into a three-in-a-row finals week with my lucky hat in tow, and once the busy-ness and tumult is over I will resurface.

December 02, 2009

We're celebrating December

Hello December!