September 11, 2009

Small accomplishments

Persephone's web spun a fit of inspiration--buttercream khaki, tiny white buttons, 7" polyester zipper, floral lace, ribbon roses. Switching between Project Runway, LA Ink, Policewomen of Broward County last night, Courtney and I switched between black and white thread on her industrial strength sewing machine gathering, stitching, basting, hemming, attaching fabric to fabric. While I'm not about to unleash anything (I've still got work to do), I am amazed that I was suddenly willful enough to sit down and not stop until I had a skirt. Mostly, I am amazed I remembered how to sew after only having used my machine these past few years to mend tears and make hip-skirts waist-skirts.

In the wake of a mad, maybe on and off, ten-hour sewing adventure, today was sluggish and hot and mostly non-functional. A shower, a trip to the Davis cemetery (more on that later!), one million dragonflies and strictly business at the bank, Courtney, anticipation, the future, and chirashi.

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