September 17, 2009

Another thing to check off the best friend's list

Spanakopita pizza from Symposium, and more spending time together every day (which, I think, now that I'm sitting alone in my room hearing distant shrieks and laughs and recess bells from the elementary school on our block, and Eloise curled up behind me purring, it is so nice to have someone to just be with sometimes and especially if that someone is Courtney). I almost don't want to be able to check everything off of the list of what we want to do together now that I'm back home and she hasn't run off towards a promising future in San Francisco just quite yet, because it would make going back to Santa Cruz feel so final (I know I don't even need to worry about that, but as ready as I am to rush off to the happy apartment brimming with new people to know, I've liked this time spent being known with my best friend).

These past few days have been luck and unluck, and lots of packages in the mail, drawing, sewing, taking a dress in four inches with back darts and I never never thought that was possible, for me, and really good food, and still not finished sewing, but hopefully today, with more good food, and green awnings, and warm hugs, and so bittersweet when you can and can't handle a distance between your heart beating just right in time with the people you love.

I think we're all trying to figure out how to not be so far away from each other. Because "every where I go, everyone I know comes with. Wonder how many more I can fit inside this crowded, crazy heart."

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  1. i just keep thinking about that fried-ish crust!

    also, this made me start crying. again! at work. don't mind me, just bein' a fountain of emotions, whether or not that is beautiful. humm.

    i am so, SO ready to sew (sew ready, even).