November 24, 2009

Happy Dogsday

Okay, maybe a day more than a day to recuperate, or just to figure out the wireless Internet at the hotel in Berkeley where my dad and I are staying between holiday meals in the forest and tomorrow's happy reunion whisked off to home. But in the meantime, I am thankful for:
the funny reminiscences, so torturous rattling around inside my head, are so beautiful when someone else is there to rattle them off with me, ramble backwards while talking about futures of glittery shirts and gospel choirs, now
primary colors another memory unto themselves, and so too must be a surprisingly lovely night of dreams to unreal reality, but
old friends popped back up, and in one day and empty text message inbox full to 76 so ready to come home to
(but still the possibility to go other distant places, and still all the possibilities)
my warm bed and comfortable pillows and those stars above me, and
those people who keep me warm, and comfortable, and who see stars in me
new books
kittens and puppies
the oncoming winter smells so crisp and cold and so warm and firey and taking root some place
and the butternut squash that I'll share with my mom from the uneaten produce box we left over this very short break.

But all this seems so somewhere tomorrow, so looking forward to, so dreaming about, while my toes get cold beneath the rosy plastic bedspread where I have spread the one last Chemistry lab I will (hopefully) ever do. And then, who knows?

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