November 08, 2009

Digital hibernation

I haven't been feeling too Internet-drawn lately, just doing the basic check email, check blogs, check my bank balance, and that's usually when I've checked out at work. Once I get home from a day of classes and world travels in scanning and staring at a computer screen, all I want to do is eat and finish homework and curl up until eight the next morning. But at least I have a camera:

Too much of a slump to type, suffice it to say doing well despite darkening days tinged with nostalgia. I've been missing a lot lately, and I guess my web-avoidance is an attempt to make a little more tolerable my "reminiscences of the day mixed with some memories from the past." I'm looking forward too some sort of return bumbling through this big world, dreaming of certain people and certain places and certain times in my life while acting out adolescently in the dark on the bridge and getting much too wibbly and excited by movies I watched when I was six.

1 comment:

  1. The waning light does inspire nostalgia. Lovely post aside from the icky tongue photo.