October 22, 2009

That I was planning, uh, I mean wishing, uh

Talking about funny cycles and life's continuing and puzzling serendipity--thinking about braids and how they never work right suddenly years of willing makes them happen very simply and easily one morning at work without washing hair and the warm weather outfit I thought out last cold night could actually be worn on sunny today or ending explosions to fall into Faint nostalgia in the music project with songs about babies while learning about pregnancy when I get a text from Ted (hi Ted!) asking how my alphabet's progressing or calling about my veggie box at the same time being called about my veggie box and retrieval with no camera but Pup's which doesn't have its couple cord so I had to take a picture of a picture just to say we got
gala apples
black mission figs
starkrimson pears
black grapes
green chard
napa cabbage
sugarpie pumpkin
green beans
summer squash
sweet peppers
red radishes and
garlic in our next two week's box! Things are working out quite all right today.

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