October 20, 2009

Catching up: last weekend

Pup and I are far from the most exciting people in the world, and though our little adventure to Davis last weekend was more relaxed than rambunctious, we still returned to the Santa Cruz apartment exhausted and in need of "a weekend from our weekend." Our weekends consist of little more than late and slow to get up only to end up laying around the living room and lazily getting around to making some sort of food in between next week's homework and long showers without gotta-get-to-class time limits, and we usually only plan one big excursion each weekend which usually only consists of some grocery shopping and biking on one of my whims to the farm or the beach or to buy leggings and spend the rest of my Sunday drawing Sharpie scales on them for a Halloween costume still to come. So, although we still had a pretty calm weekend, it was still a shock to our systems to wake up early and stay up and have to be places at certain times and have plans to do certain things all in one day and to actually get to interact with other people which I know we both really enjoyed and to eat so much more food than we've gotten used to and, maybe weirdest of all, to drive. Which is going to be my excuse for yesterday, a.k.a. the laziest Monday of all time. I made it to class, at least, but I decided to swap a nap and some catching up on homework for three hours in front of a computer at work which, in itself, is not at all taxing but when sleepy and a little headache-y and a little nauseous from weird, greasy food withdrawal would have been just about unbearable. I'm back to my usual schedule today after yesterday's rest, but Pup's lazy day was today: one class in the morning, followed by a day of video games (which he so admirably gave up for a whole weekend! Can you believe it?) before a calculus section at 6. Anyway, now that I'm all back to normal, I can take a second between Thailand slides to recount this whirlwind of a slow weekend in Davis. I just hope I don't get tired all over again!

(Oh, and I got a very good score on my Chemistry midterm, so no more going on and on about repetitive homework from me anymore!)

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