September 28, 2009

Get money money, take money money, get paid mommy, come on, come on

Went (right) to the mailroom after classes to pick up a package full of kitchen essentials--pumpkin carving kit!--and my new nose ring courtesy of my mom, then (left) to get back up in that scanning lab for my first day back to work where I hope to whaaat get money, get paid, haay.

Quick recap of today: Dandy Warhols singing about how we used to be friends while thinking about senior year and sighing, but good news is I made it through Dan Deacon if only by deleting a few of the more annoying albums, and found out that I'm gonna have a pretty breezy quarter for once in a Chemistry class with a high pass rate instead of a high fail rate, even if it is "cutthroat Chemistry" said the guy behind me in section today while Rosa Nguyen heartlessly and super-fashionably cut the class down to just those that can fit before the fire marshall has a fit, more sighing, but relief replaced nostalgia, because I didn't have to fight my way in and so lucky I got enrolled when all over I hear freshmen complaining about not being able to crash 1A and worrying for Pup while he tries desperately to crash 1A oh no!, but he's gotta get it Mr. Sophomore standing, and I stood in a cramped triple freshman dorm, so weird to see the way you've become, so happy that the way I've become feels better than it feels to hang out with you, even for half an hour, and so glad to have a single and no annoying roommates, just five sweet apartmentmates who were miraculously all in the same room last night, so how about those jack o 'lanterns?

Thinking about duets, now leaving to pick up Pup for our first dining hall meal of the year.


  1. Hi, Alex. I miss you. Love the beautiful writing in this blog, and seeing your radiant face. Here is something for you, which you have likely already seen, but here it is anyway:

    xo Joy